Everspring MembershipInvesting in Community Healthcare

As your community healthcare resource Everspring Health is committed to serving as your advocate for leveraging healthcare as a resources for better health and quality of life. When you decide to become a member you agree to commit to cultivating health and healing in your daily life. Together we agree to partner in the pursuit of healthcare that is mission driven, rooted in values and committed to our community.

  • Individual Membership
  • Family Membership
  • Business Membership
Individual Membership provides one individual member access to Everspring Health cooperative resources.
  • An integrative healthcare resource that serves as your advocate
  • Access to Everspring services at member rates
  • A health and healing program customized to your needs
Family Membership provides any two cohabiting adults and legal dependents member access to Everspring Health cooperative resources.
  • An integrative healthcare resource that serves as your family's advocate
  • Access to Everspring services at member rates
  • A health and healing program customized to your family's needs
Business Membership provides an organization member access to Everspring Health cooperative resources.
  • An account representative to help facilitate a custom program for your organization
  • Access to Everspring services for employees at member rates
  • Access to onsite services customized to your needs
  • Access to a resource that serves as your organization's advocate for investing in the health of your employees and the productivity of your organization
  • Individual

    One Time Fee
    • Includes first visit for individual
    • Allows for member rates for all services
  • Family

    One Time Fee
    • Includes first visit for one family member
    • Allows for member rates for all services for all family members
  • Business

    One Time Fee
    • Includes review of company needs
    • Provides access to custom corporate health and wellness programs
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Integrative Heathcare focused on cultivating quality of life

Membership FAQ

  • What does membership mean?

    Membership with Everspring Health means you are committing to your own health, the health of your family and/or the health of your employees.
  • Why should I become a member?

    Becoming a member allows you access to member rates for all Everspring Health services. It allows you to invest in a resource that serves as your advocate - your resource for better health.
  • What are the benefits of being a member?

    The primary benefit to being a member is greater accessibility to practical healthcare resources that can be used in your everyday life. We are not about checkins and checkups, we are all about what you need today to make today better so you can live your best life. Everspring Health resources are designed to become a natural part of your daily life and thus a more accessible resource for better health. Community investment is necessary to create an accessible and sustainable integrative healthcare resource.
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  • Everspring Living™ means greater peace at home.
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  • Everspring Living™ means more time for what is most important
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Holistic Medicine Principles

Principles embraced by the Members of the Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine


  1. Optimal Health is the primary goal of holistic medical practice. It is the conscious pursuit of the highest level of functioning and balance of the physical, environmental, mental, emotional, social and spiritual aspects of human experience, resulting in a dynamic state of being fully alive. This creates a condition of well-being regardless of the presence or absence of disease.
  2. The Healing Power of Love. Holistic health care practitioners strive to meet the patient with grace, kindness, acceptance, and spirit without condition, as love is life's most powerful healer.
  3. Whole Person. Holistic health care practitioners view people as the unity of body, mind, spirit and the systems in which they live.
  4. Prevention and Treatment. Holistic health care practitioners promote health, prevent illness and help raise awareness of dis-ease in our lives rather than merely managing symptoms. A holistic approach relieves symptoms, modifies contributing factors, and enhances the patient’s life system to optimize future well-being.
  5. Innate Healing Power. All people have innate powers of healing in their bodies, minds and spirits. Holistic health care practitioners evoke and help patients utilize these powers to affect the healing process.
  6. Integration of Healing Systems. Holistic health care practitioners embrace a lifetime of learning about all safe and effective options in diagnosis and treatment. These options come from a variety of traditions, and are selected in order to best meet the unique needs of the patient. The realm of choices may include lifestyle modification and complementary approaches as well as conventional drugs and surgery.
  7. Relationship-centered Care. The ideal practitioner-patient relationship is a partnership which encourages patient autonomy, and values the needs and insights of both parties. The quality of this relationship is an essential contributor to the healing process.
  8. Individuality. Holistic health care practitioners focus patient care on the unique needs and nature of the person who has an illness rather than the illness that has the person. 
  9. Teaching by Example. Holistic health care practitioners continually work toward the personal incorporation of the principles of holistic health, which then profoundly influence the quality of the healing relationship.
  10. Learning Opportunities. All life experiences including birth, joy, suffering and the dying process are profound learning opportunities for both patients and health care practitioners.