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Public Guests

Everyone is welcome at Everspring Health. The public is welcome to utilize any service you feel to be beneficial for your needs.

Single Visit: $70*


As a cooperative, our business is to serve our members. We offer associate (non-owner) memberships, allowing for more accessible ways to engage in your healthcare. The top medical demands in the world come from non-communicable diseases, namely lifestyle related diseases. People need a reliable, accessible resource that helps address current health conditions. Everspring Health membership supports our intent to be this resource of foundational healthcare, facilitating greater quality of life for our members.

Single Visit: $55*

Health Programs

Our Health Programs provide members a more structured and customized healthcare service. The programs are designed for optimal individualized needs, aiming to meet people where they most need support for health and wellness.

Foundational Care: $125*

Our Foundational Care program is designed to help provide the structure for a customized medical program that addresses your specific needs. Foundational Care is a lifestyle-centric medical algorithm within the most reliable patient centered care strategy available. This program is the backbone of a customized care program that achieves clinical endpoints and improves personalized quality of life outcomes often out of reach due to costs or restricted program accessibility.

Flexible Care: $150*

Our Flexible Care program allows for your choice of services, including the services we offer that are not considered qualified medical services. This program allows for you to maintenance quality of life and drive your medical care as you see fit.